Message from the Chairman

141218 Steve CaswellFirst, I’d like to thank Bob Horton for his leadership as Chairman for the past two years. Second, I’d like to thank the committee for their unanimous support is selecting me as the next Chairman of this great committee, in this great town! As Chairman, I will continue to build upon our strengths and demonstrate that East Fishkill is a strong Republican town.


Message from Our Past Chairman

141218 Bob HortonThanks in large part to 23 years of outstanding leadership by three Republican Town Supervisors (Sam Patton, Pete Idema, and now John Hickman), — together with an even longer history of Republican-majority Town Boards and other elected officials, — East Fishkill stands out year after year as a shining example of responsible and well run local government.

Seeing this with my own eyes, I feel very much moved to do my own small part to help continue this remarkable track record of good government. So, I see it as a great honor and a privilege to serve as Chairman of the East Fishkill Republican Committee.

As Chairman, you have my commitment to:

  • Tirelessly work to grow and to advance our local Republican Party
  • Recruit and support strong Republican candidates, who will continue East Fishkill’s track record of good government
  • Lead local Republican campaign efforts to bring about success for Republican candidates on Election Day

I ask you to join me in this mission, so that working together, we can have continued election success and continued good government.

I look forward to working with you all!

Bob Horton