Our Platform

The East Fishkill Republican Committee and the East Fishkill Republican Club are dedicated to promoting conservative Republican principles.

We believe that the best way to implement these principles in local, state and federal government is by winning elections with strong and effective candidates who share these principles

Winning these elections means appealing to a majority of voters. Hence, we also believe in being a “big tent” Party, wherein a variety of ideas, candidates and actions that fit within the spectrum of conservative Republican principles, can be considered, debated and supported (or not supported) based on their merits.

We believe in effective communication and in informing voters of the issues important to our community and the candidates who will deliver good government.

We are a party of hard-working, public-spirited men and women of principle who believe in:

  • the Constitution of the United States and support it unequivocally.
  • smaller government and lower taxes.
  • the free market.
  • individual freedom and liberty.
  • individual personal responsibility.
  • encouraging economic growth and job creation.
  • protecting our local environment and quality of life.
  • government decision making at the local (rather than state or federal) level wherever possible

We oppose:

  • unfunded mandates
  • mismanagement and corruption such as occurs all-too-often in Albany and New York City

Please join us in continuing to apply these conservative Republican principles in East Fishkill.